Begin Within

We want to help you step into your best life possibly!

We believe an honest self-assessment and self-awareness is the key to personal growth. These are skills that have to be developed over time and are much easier to develop with a little help. 

Have you ever felt so close to overcoming a situation, taken all the workshops, read all the books, and somehow just ended up in the same place, only to do it all over again?

Have you been noticing recurring patterns, themes in your life, or find yourself saying how did I get here, again?

Are you looking to strengthen your connection with yourself and your higher-self? Or are you

intrigued by the concept that true love and peace come from within? Maybe you are just seeking

to get more out of your personal work, wanting to get a different perspective on something? Or just looking to call in a healthier new way of being.

With our collaborative efforts and a little magic, let us help you see past the struggle for the potential they are.

We welcome you, all of you.

   I have worked as a mentor and coach for well over a decade. I am trauma-informed and the majority of my clients deal with PTSD and trauma. What I offer is a safe space for my clients to connect with their own power, healing, and path of self-discovery.

I work with many different modalities because I believe in the individual and the uniqueness of each individual path. Modalities such as gestalt, shadow work, a psychodynamic approach.

I find for most people that are still after years of talk therapy only get so far. This is because the roots of trauma or any major issue run deep and grow out of the unconscious. Where the conscious, rational mind can't reach.

My approach and the modalities I use focus on uncovering these roots in the unconscious mind in order to bring about change that you can see and feel in your life.

All we need is an intention and willingness to be open to what may arise. When working on such a deep level of the consciousness that it takes us into the subconscious. The key is just being with what is, as a witness can be healing within itself.

The most effective way to heal what hinders us in our subconsious is to work in an altered state. I start working with people in altered states that are brought about through sonic journeying or guided imagery.

I find the most important part of this work is the preparation work, container building. Due to everything life has thrown at us most people shut down to protect themselves.

This also cuts us off from ourselves, our higher self, and our personal power. We are about to open the floodgates and it serves us best to build and strengthen our container so we can develop a new relationship with our higher selves.

This helps us navigate altered states more effectively. It also helps greatly with the integration and integration is key to lasting results and life-changing experiences.

From this place, you can tap into your own medicine for a more centered and grounded life.

For those that are just starting their healing journey. Or for anyone that wants to dive deeper into what is no longer serving them, and develop their self-awareness, compassion, or peace of mind.

Whether you are interested in Shadow work or plant medicine? I'm here to meet you where you are at.

I'm also available for consultation on micro-dosing, vision quests, death ceremonies, and plant medicine Journeys.