Begin Within

Angel De La Cruz

We all hold within ourselves a powerful medicine that allows us to heal, to open to oneness, and to move through our traumas and from just surviving to thriving.

As an Intuitive Integrational Coach, Death Doula, and Transforming Touch Specialist, Angel De La Cruz combines his diverse therapeutic and recovery experience with his own story of transformation to empower clients to claim the immutable wisdom they carry within.

In the decades that Angel has spent honing his practice, he has worked with men, women, and children as a mentor, coach, and advocate. Having grown up on the streets in New England, his own complex childhood, two-spirit identity, and eventually being taken in by a lesbian couple, motivated his in-depth study of early childhood development and his fierce advocacy for inclusion, celebration, and justice for all minorities, especially the LGBTQ+ community.

His passion for healing, self-improvement, and self-discovery has led to intensive study and training domestic and abroad on addiction, recovery, family of origin/constellation, shadow work, codependency, meditation, EMDR, and journeying. Angel is a certified Reiki master, as well as a Resource Recovery Specialist.

He carries a strong empathy and understanding for the homeless population. Much of his volunteer and professional work has been devoted to facilitating groups, twelve-step meetings, and programs for the marginalized and underserved.

In recent years, Angel has realized the importance of creating space within his practice for sexual health, recovery, and wellness coaching for a diverse range of clients.

Through traditional and innovative techniques designed to facilitate whole, shame-free, fully present sexuality, Angel guides the souls in his care as they awaken to the potential of their empowered selves.

It has been a long road of self-discovery and self-love, freedom, and confident inner knowing for Angel, and it is his privilege and joy to accompany others as they walk the journey he knows so well.


My healing journey changed and really gained traction when I was finally able to stay grounded and realized how crucial integration was. Showing me how important it is to make integration as important as the realizations that awaken us.

If we want lasting change to happen, integration is one of the most common parts of a person's healing and growth that gets overlooked.

Integration takes time and effort; it doesn't just happen. This is why you can go to a workshop to learn life-changing habits, and a month after you are right back to your old ways. That is usually the result of the lack of integration.

This realization came after decades of hard work on my own traumas and self-defeating beliefs, studying childhood development and all kinds of related subjects, as well as working with others.

I have worked with all kinds of people in all stages and stations of their lives. If there is anything I have learned is one size doesn't fit all.

We are meant to be who we are, as individual and unique as we are. This way we can bring our own special unique gifts into this world to make our lives and the world a more whole and functioning place. I believe we find oneness this way, by bringing our own pieces of the puzzle to the table so we can all come together to form a bigger picture.

Let me help you bring your focus back to the source that is inside you, by assisting you in your process and integration around whatever is presently up for you.


     Is to meet people where they are with an open curious mind and to help guide them to find their own personal power, wisdom, medicine, and the healing they desire to become whole. Empowering them to bring their own unique gifts into this world.


      Is for people to start embracing their differences, for some of our biggest wounds are from being told we are wrong or shamed for who we are. We are all unique, and gifted in our own way, that is what makes us who we are. The acceptance or denial of this shapes our life experience, my hope is this healing brings about self-acceptance and a greater self-awareness that can heal us and each other.