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I have come to learn while developing my spiritual practice, that my body and soul does not cater to any specific tradition solely.

 In this globalized period, breaking old dogmas and taboos of the social-political/physical/spiritual world is moving swiftly towards the end of the patriarchy.

The need for pioneers is higher than ever. For an honest pioneer to be born we must begin going deep inside our bodies and accessing more silent parts of our energetic field to truly ‘see’ and ‘feel’ what is there.

That being said, the work that I develop with each person is unique to their own background, ancestry, symbologies, and DNA.  

While I work with each person's personal symbologies, my own personal cosmos and interest stem from Native American Shamanic work (Desert and Plains), Native Amazonian Shamanic work, Afro-Brazilian Orixás, Tibetan Buddhism, Contemporary Performance Art, Meditation, Sacred Geometry, Tarot, Psychology, Music, and Physics.

I am committed to spiritual responsibility as I comprehend the ‘mess’ that can occur if you are spiritually naive. I have spent the last 8 years of my life comprehending systems of spiritual security which is the basis on which our session begins.


I am a Brazilian contemporary performance artist and healer. Although I come from the big city of São Paulo I grew up part of my young life in my forest home with my mother. I was born amidst the spiritual traditions of my parents, such as Ayahuasca medicine, Reichian Psychology, and Tibetan Buddhism. 

My own spiritual path stemmed from this inheritance but soon directed towards North-American and Amazonian shamanic symbolism through dream works, visions, and meditation. 

This process manifested my psychic abilities to a degree that I can now be of service to others through their healing journey. I have spent the past 10 years formally dedicating my life to this research, attempting to answer the questions of my soul and intersecting it to Contemporary Art.

 My hero's journey took me to Berlin, Switzerland, San Francisco, and Tucson.

Formal Education 

Jessica Fertonani Cooke Education consists of a BA equivalent in the UdK Berlin for Fine Arts and her MFA in SFAI, San Francisco. Her art practice deals with the effects industrial society and colonialism has upon the body and the role mix-blooded people have within the development of a future society.

She bases the idea that mix-bloodedness is the epicenter of crossing borders within politics, mythologies, ancestry, and biology. 

Holding the dichotomy of colonizer/colonized within the body, she asks: how can we acknowledge this scared past and transcend it to the development of a '3rd place' decolonized system? How does this affect the soul, our archetypes, and the internalized myths we hold within our subconscious? 

The work Jessica develops with her clients connecting them to their ancestry, mythology, links to source and guides, aids them to heal their ancient and present scars and contracts, focusing their soul and body to better navigate their multi-dimensional existence.