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Intuitive Integrational Coaching

"Let your presences speak louder than your past"



Honest self-assessment and self-awareness are key to personal growth. Have you ever felt so close to overcoming a situation, taken all the workshops, read all the books, and somehow just ended up in the same place, only to do it all over again? Have you been noticing recurring patterns, themes in your life, or find yourself saying how did I get here, again?

When looking for long-lasting change integration is the piece that makes this happen. It also is one of the most common parts of a person's healing and growth that gets overlooked. My healing journey changed and started to gain traction when I started focusing on integration.

Integration takes time and effort; it doesn't just happen. This is why you can go to a workshop to learn life-changing habits, and a month after you are right back to your old ways. That is usually the result of the lack of integration.

This realization came for me after decades of hard work on my own traumas and self-defeating beliefs. And I was still unwinding what felt like more of the same.

I have worked with all kinds of people in all stages and stations of their lives. If there is anything I have learned is one size doesn't fit all. Let me help you bring your focus back to the source that is inside you, your inner healer.

A main component of this work is our intuition and for many of us, we have been taught to ignore our intuition. For many of us, this is a big part of the wounding we experienced.

By creating a space where that intuition can start to arise so it can be developed and tap into it. Is the first step to the intuitive integration. Working with what comes up is where the integration works start.

The integration work is very individual and we will work together to find what why works for you best.