All of you is welcome here.

I am here only as a gatekeeper.

For those that are ready to go deep into the unknown.

My job is to hold space for you so you can fully surrender to your process.

I watch over the form.

The concept of you that dwells here on this plain, so you may return.

I keep your mortal coil safe and unencumbered as you journey through the unknown.

Harm Reduction, Preparation, and Integration

"Let your presences speak louder than your past"



Honest self-assessment and self-awareness are key to personal growth. Have you ever felt so close to overcoming a situation, taken all the workshops, read all the books, and somehow just ended up in the same place, only to do it all over again? Have you been noticing recurring patterns, themes in your life, or find yourself saying how did I get here, again?

When looking for long-lasting change integration is the piece that makes this happen. It also is one of the most common parts of a person's healing and growth that gets overlooked. My healing journey changed and started to gain traction when I started focusing on integration.

Integration takes time and effort; it doesn't just happen. This is why you can go to a workshop to learn life-changing habits, and a month after you are right back to your old ways. That is usually the result of the lack of integration and can also be from the lack of preparation.

This realization came to me after decades of hard work on my own traumas and self-defeating patterns, and beliefs.  That left me feeling like I was just continuously unwinding more of the same.

Through my many workshops, retreats, and the medicine work I have done I have seen the power of preparation and the effect it has on one's journey and integration.

First through assessing how open of a vessel you are and therefore able to receive profound information and insights.  Is for me where the preparation starts, from there what can we clear so you are going in for the deep stuff that is not reachable from here.

A thorough assessment of your situation and the ability to really dial in your intention, set, and setting is a big part of harm reduction. A well-thought-out preparation can also help one dial in what medicine would be best and the kind of sitter they should look for.

My sincere belief that one size doesn't fit all, just adds to the importance of individual preparation. Let me help you bring your focus back to the source that is inside you, your inner healer to find the intention that will benefit you the most for what you seek.

I find working in altered states really calls on our intuition and for many of us, a big part of our original wounding is due to the nature of trauma we have been taught to ignore it while at the same time needing to survive. Creating a twisted relationship with our intuition.

Creating a space to heal our intuition so it can be developed and tapped into, is the first step to intuitive integration. Working with what comes up is where the integration and preparation start.

We can work together to find what way works for you best so you feel supported and safe in your process.