My Team

 Amy Kimmick

  Owner and Curator of Temple Medicine Healing in Portland OR.

  BSN RN, Channel, Clairvoyant, Medium, and Healer.

Energy healing and ancestral healing are for everyone at any age.

It is physical, emotional, and soul healing that creates awareness, and through this awareness, tools for self-care,

and removing outdated systems and limiting beliefs.

Channeled messages are highly specific and bring the proper resolution to the issue at hand.


Tatiana Sakurai 


Session work with me is mystical, yet practical.

We access infinite Source intelligence through the wisdom held in the body.

We flow through multiple modalities of energy work and spiritual counseling to address the specific things that are coming up for healing in the moment, whether they stem from childhood, ancestral experience, or multidimensional lives.


Jessica Fertonani Cooke

Spiritual Doula

I am a Brazilian healer and contemporary performance artist. Although I was born in the big city of São Paulo I grew up part of my young life in my forest home with my mother. I was born amidst the spiritual traditions of my parents, such as Ayahuasca medicine, Reichian Psychology, and Tibetan Buddhism. My own spiritual path stemmed from this inheritance but soon directed me towards North American and Amazonian shamanic symbolism through dream works, visions, and meditation.